September 5, 2008

I made it easier!

Okay, now you should all be able to leave comments without even registering. Hopefully not too many random people leave me mean comments. Just select the "Name/URL" option. Thanks again for keeping in touch!


Liane said...

Thank you! For all of the other computer incompetents out there--thanks for making this easier. At least, I hope this time I get through.
This is such a cool forum--your blog. I know that you will find this experience a giant step into a wider world. It will change you forever. And, I'm sure you're going to be a great teacher.
Take care!
Love and hugs,

Lynn said...

Wow! This gives me the chance to do my first blog comment. (Have I been avoiding computers for a while?)
Glad you arrived safely and had a good flight. Really helps one's starting attitude.
Is there any food that isn't hot and spicy? What does one eat at other times, breakfast, for example?
What is your apartment like? Do they provide the furniture, cabinets, appliances, et al.? I don't know anything about Korean customs.
Please say "Hi!" to John. Thanks. --Lynn

Sarah said...

Hi Liane and Lynn! Great to hear from you both! Liane thank you for your reassurances. After the week I've had teaching here, I could certainly use them. And Lynn, you asked about Korean customs. I have a few posts planned, and that is one of them. These take a long time to do and I am so worn out by the end of the day that I don't end up getting much done when I get home. But I can't wait to put more up because I love getting the comments so much! It helps me to hear from the people I left in the States. So thanks for keeping in touch!

Missing you both,


Duane said...

Amazing you and John are really there, doing this already! Ming was also really excited to hear you both are taking this opportunity and mentioned how good Korean food will likely be for you.
Sounds like a memorable adventure already. Appreciate this interactive travelogue.


Anonymous said...

Sarah Beanie,
Nana is so proud of you and John. Hello John hope it is all going well. How are your kids? Better seems then Sarah's. You guys have fun and enjoy everything and all the experiences that you can take in and absorb. Love you, Nana