September 18, 2008


Just thought I'd share....

Yesterday, John was having a lesson on dancing where he gave everyone dancing vocabulary (like wiggle, point, spin) and had them come up with their own dance moves and then perform them in front of the class, and this one group of girls just refused to perform their dance move. So he made them get up to the front of the classroom and perform moves that he made up - which were, of course, infinitely more ridiculous than what they could have come up with! Needless to say, the whole class was laughing. Haha, I thought that was a pretty good punishment.

I liked one I came up with yesterday, too. These kids would not shut up for the life of me, so I moved their desks around. That didn't really work, so eventually I took one kid who was openly flouting my no-talking rule (right in front of me, where I had moved him), and moved his desk to just outside the door in the hallway, facing away from the classroom. Hahaha, the whole class was giggling. He looked so ridiculous, but I didn't even skip a beat. It worked! They got quiet pretty fast when they realized I wasn't kidding around (even though I was laughing on the inside!). Oh, I'll be chuckling about that for a while.


Greg said...

ok so a few things... first i hope to hear more of these, they are amazing. second, your punishment was way cooler. third, how you kept it together is beyond me, that is why i am not destined to teach. Finally, and somewhat obscure to this entry, your blog may very well be my new obsession for this hot minute.
love and miss

Dad said...

what greg said...Dad