September 7, 2008

Some pictures

This is the view from my apartment when I look down...

....This is the view from my apartment when I look to the right at sunset.....

.....and this is the view of my kitchen table in the morning! Take that, Dad!


Liane said...

So, Sarah and John,
Really cool to read your comments! I am enjoying myself immensely--vicariously. Anyway, it occurred to me to encourage you to make sure you KEEP a copy of your blog because it will be an awesome resource for you to go back and read in the future.
Sarah, the photo of the mountains and sunset is awesome. What a view!
So, how do I check for comments from you on other people's comments?
Computer illiterate, you know.
Love and hugs,

Liane said...

Oh, something just occurred to me. . . I've been de-junking again, this time going through old files and throwing things out. My shredder is about to burn out from the stress!
Anyway, I found a lot of my old handouts from teaching English and it occurred to me that one of the things that will be helpful for your students (if they are advanced enough) would be to work on idioms. Those are the things (like "dude") that really throw foreign speakers of English (American) off. Actually, that's not surprising considering how utterly pathetic I am with German idioms. I got to thinking about why we say things like, "She washed up on the beach," or "He washed up before dinner." Ugh! Then there is the American tendency to create new words. I actually heard a TV announcer say "ginormous" during the Olympic coverage.
So, have a ginormously wonderful week, Dudette and Dude!
Love and hugs,

Lynn said...

It's been definitely chilly here--the beginning of fall weather already. Mickey has needed her sweater a couple of times.
Monday night football is a double header tonight: Packers beat the Vikings. Denver is leading Oakland.
Am enjoying the blog.

Mom said...

Hey Sarah and John: I can't remember my google password! Anyway it is so great to see the pictures and have a visual of where you guys are. Send some of the inside of your apartment too! Sarah I am proud of you for not caving in to the 11th graders. I hope they start treating you with more respect! John, do you need some goalie pants? Hugs and Kisset to you both! Mom

Dad said...

Sarah-Beanie: I can't believe you got to the Skippy jar before me! You win. It sounds as if you and John are doing well.I am very excited for you both. Don't worry about spilling stuff all over John's boss. It happens. Can you show us the inside of your apartment? I love you and miss you. Dad.