March 24, 2009


Okay so next was supposed to be about Koh Pha Ngan but this just happened and it had to be communicated to everyone who knows my dad.

One of my students, whose name is Kang Yoon, made a Steve Wakeen joke today. Class was just about to start and he says to me, "Are you okay?". And I was like, "Yeah I'm okay, are you okay?". And he goes, "No! I'm Kang Yoon." Hahahaha oh man I was shocked! And then he realized how brilliant that was of him and I swear I've never seen him laugh that hard. I mean he was unbelievably pleased with himself. It makes sense, too. He's already playing with a language he hardly knows.

Anyway, I had to share because it was just so weird to have someone halfway across the world, who can barely speak English, make the same joke as good ol' Dad.

March 23, 2009

Thailand: BKK, Koh Samui

This will be the first of many posts (I hope) about our time in Thailand.


Pasty-white but stoked at BKK. It was in the middle of a January night and we were comfy in jeans and a tee. Pretty much awesome.

John and I landed at BKK at like 1:30 AM. Our original plan was to spend the night at a nearby hostel, but last minute we decided to just hang in the airport for a few hours and fly right down to Koh Samui, an island in the south of the country in the Gulf of Thailand.

Our flight left at 6 AM and landed at about 7 AM. We got an unfortunately expensive taxi (we actually didn't have any other option) to take us around to look at some places on the beach. Though we looked at a few places, our new home became the first one we saw: Central Bay Resort on Chaweng Beach.

We loved it there! It was cheap (maybe $25 bucks a night), right on the island's most beloved beach, and we liked the little restaurant it had. Here are some pics:

Our little bungalow! Clean and comfy, even without hot water (that's a real luxury here.)

See the prow of the ship, beached on the right? That's part of the restaurant. Chaweng Beach was unbelievably beautiful, and unlike most tropical beaches, it had great waves. We bodysurfed like it was our job.

A couple of my personal favorites:
Here I am, ruining John's vacation by making him take pictures with me. Fun!

Do you see the giant cheeseburger on these chips? That's because you are looking at Double Cheese Pork Burger flavored potato chips. haha!

We stayed at Chaweng for maybe three days and pretty much just relaxed all day on the beach. At night we walked down the little strip and were attacked by guys trying to sell John tailor-made suits. John was too nice to say no to them, so we ended up being engaged in conversation every time and actually got to know some of them - haha.

One of those nights as we were walking back from dinner we were offered a free drink at this hotel bar. The hotel was this ultra-modern, super expensive thing all done in black and red and white. It was called The Library and the bar was called The Page. They seated us on these huge cushions propped up against a little table on their deck (which was built right on the beach) and then gave us an unbelievably delicious cocktail which I kind of sucked down (and then ordered another). We had a little glass table in front of us with a tiny little candle on it so we could see the ocean better....they even gave us flashlights to be able to read the menu without destroying the ambience. It was probably a top 5 Thailand moment for us.

Up next: On Koh Pha Ngan with Alex and Tom

March 12, 2009

Number Jeopardy

This activity was so much fun that after the first class did it I brought my camera in to the second class to snap some photos of it.

Here's how it goes:
I split the class into two teams and distribute big pieces of paper with the numbers 0-9 (plus some duplicates just in case) to each team.

Then, I read questions which have numbers for answers. The first team to hold up the correct numbers in the right order gets a point!

Here's what it looks like:

......good times.