March 24, 2009


Okay so next was supposed to be about Koh Pha Ngan but this just happened and it had to be communicated to everyone who knows my dad.

One of my students, whose name is Kang Yoon, made a Steve Wakeen joke today. Class was just about to start and he says to me, "Are you okay?". And I was like, "Yeah I'm okay, are you okay?". And he goes, "No! I'm Kang Yoon." Hahahaha oh man I was shocked! And then he realized how brilliant that was of him and I swear I've never seen him laugh that hard. I mean he was unbelievably pleased with himself. It makes sense, too. He's already playing with a language he hardly knows.

Anyway, I had to share because it was just so weird to have someone halfway across the world, who can barely speak English, make the same joke as good ol' Dad.


Anonymous said...

sooo dad! the best things in life are free! Dad.

Jacka-lucy said...