January 3, 2009

Christmas in Korealand

I just want you all to know that Christmas was okay, even though I missed you all terribly. And I only got really really emotional once before Christmas when I was listening to Johnny Mathis like we always do, and once on Christmas after I opened the pearl necklace my dear mother gave me. But I had a great time with my friends that day and I made sure to have some Christmas cheer around, and open a present on Christmas Eve, and to be with my family at least in spirit/virtually over the internet. Here are some pictures of the Christmas cheer:

Here you can see from the left: The doggie Christmas card, the cute little snow man, a picture my friend Alex made me (it's got a pine tree on it), the cutest little North American mammals ornarments that nearly broke my heart when I opened them, and the light-up plastic pine branches reindeer I bought.

Our Charlie Brown Christmas tree, complete with presents and animal ornaments. The big green box was John's gift from me - a big, red, remote-control truck. Pretty cool. I also got him an indoor basketball hoop you hang on the wall.

Here's the whole gang, having a forest gathering on my desk. (Mom I took this photo for you. I know you miss the little buggers.) There's a Skunk and a Hedgehog and a Fox and a Bunny and a Squirrel and a Raccoon.

Lastly, here I am in my brand new sweatshirt! I got the Santa hat in a white elephant (Yankee swap) gift exchange with my buddies.

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Dan said...

Sarah I am on Dan's something he had been on his e-mail and I saw Korea!!! On google home page. It is so good to see you pictures of you sweetie. I miss you and Dan misses you. Nana