November 26, 2008

Funny Korea!

Here are some images of things that keep us going during the dark times:

Bathroom signs in Shannon and Billy's apartment building. What exactly are they trying to do here? Get behind the sign?

Lotteria is the Korean McDonald's (even though there's McDonald's here, too). This is a glorious burger wrapper. Injoy!

John's favorite new socks. This is only a taste of what they sell in large numbers on the sidewalk.
On the left there is a ghost panda complete with cape and jack-o-lantern, and on the right is a badass monkey pimped out with his bling.


Juice I got from a vending machine. See the little white squares in the sky? Those were in the drink, too.


There's my nametag!


These are nothing more than giant-headed mannequins we saw in Cheongju.

A clever ruse.......discreetly sticking a Negro Modelo on a Corona ad....sheesh.

Why is there a suit of armor in McDonald's?

Dig that bandana-under-the-hat look.

Yes, it IS a couple wearing matching sweatshirts. Couples wear the same clothes all the time here, actually. And the men wear man purses.


aHAHAHAhaha are you serious!? This is at Yangmoon-san, where I went with John and some of his teachers/vice-principal for a short hike.

You don't even know......there are so many even funnier things we don't take pictures of. Oh wait, sorry Uncle Joe! I mean: "of which we don't take pictures." heehee.

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Anonymous said...

Funny pics! Just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Love, Li